Friday, December 14, 2012

Meet Me

If you like blogs you might have seen my mom's. It's 'The Fly's House', it gets lots of views but my blog is known as 'Live With Lake' so lets get started on that. My name is Lake Fly. I live in Millington, Tennessee and have a big house. My hair has flare with red. If you read this blog you'll find lots of things, weekly updates, exciting news, and problems but all in my perspective. Starting right now things have been crazy, especially since I'm almost eleven and I have a blog. Yesterday our Elf on the Shelf A Family Tradition hid in our freezer. A problem is that in a couple of hours we are going to be on our way to my grandma's. And a weekly update is the song Gangnam Style is a huge hit for my school and lots of other places. I'll post every Friday or Saturday considering on my time. For now have a great week and try to find my blog! Bye.